Apr 26, 2021

Shadowgun Legends Update 1.0.7 Bullet Storm

There’s a storm coming! A BULLET STORM! Get ready for 6 new Epic and Legendary weapons (with much more to come!) Can you find them all? New Bundles, Cosmetics, and Strongboxes! Fight for Fame and show the Torment who’s boss in 9 New Operation Missions! Fight against time in the upcoming brand new Adventure Module with an exclusive cosmetic reward! 


  • 6 new weapons (Epic and Legendary)
  • 9 new Operation missions
  • New Adventure Module
  • New cosmetic bundles and strongbox

TONS of bug fixes and improvements!

  • Fixed item perks changing after purchase
  • Fixed Supercharger skill to properly display on the weapon and player models
  • Fixed Supercharger skill lasting the entire match
  • Fixed falling through floor on multiple levels
  • Fixed getting stuck when starting a match
  • Fixed not being able to accept or decline friend requests
  • Fixed active skills at the beginning of a match when changing skills the previous match
  • Fixed Ammo Up skill
  • Fixed items in bundles changing perks after gifting
  • Fixed perks changing after restart
  • Fixed duplicate Perks on weapons in the same chest
  • Fixed item perks changing after dropping the item
  • Fixed double damage survival kit exploit in Hive Mind
  • Fixed problems when equipped with just one skill
  • Fixed not getting gold from Tapjoy
  • Fixed problems when creating or joining a Guild
  • Fixed problems when removing members of a Guild
  • Fixed Ad rewards
  • Fixed multiple possible issues with Arenas
  • Fixed getting stuck when joining a lobby
  • Fixed tutorial
  • Fixed Privacy Policy screen
  • Fixed problems with interaction button in Hub
  • Fixed FPS settings in Options
  • Fixed problems when losing connection while making an IAP
  • Fixed multiple possible problems with IAPs
  • Fixed getting stuck while creating a Shadowgun profile
  • Fixed enemies rank not matching the host player rank
  • Fixed Duel scoreboard
  • Fixed getting Fame for damaging yourself in PvP
  • Fixed Pro Explosion medal
  • Fixed skill upgrades
  • Fixed Squads and Co-op getting unlocked at a lower rank
  • Fixed getting stuck when calling for Starhawk and dying at the same time
  • Fixed Guilds getting unlocked at a lower rank
  • Fixed possible double damage of explosive damage skills and rocket launchers
  • Fixed multiple issues that may cause the game to crash on loading
  • Fixed possible restarting of the device when using the interaction button (ROG Phone II)
  • Fixed getting blocked by NPC marines during some missions
  • Fixed not being able to drop items during missions
  • Fixed linking profile with Facebook account
  • Fixed some levels to prevent the player from getting stuck
  • Fixed waiting for respawn during co-op, even if all players are dead
  • Fixed enemies improperly spawning and despawning
  • Improved Co-op mission invitations
  • Improved controller support
  • Improved device support (iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2)
  • Improved inventory notification when upgrading to Premium